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Información sobre Jimmy Matthews

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  • ID: 6527
  • NOMBRE: Jimmy Matthews
  • PAÍS: Australia
  • Fallecido: October 14, 1943, Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria (aged 59 years 194 days)
  • Completo: Thomas James Matthews
  • Nombre: April 3, 1884, Mount Gambier, South Australia
  • Actual: Australia - Victoria
  • Altura: Right-hand bat
  • Apodo: Legbreak
  • Relación: \nJimmy Matthews was a small, leathery, but remarkably tough legspinner whose place in cricket history was secured when he took a hat-trick in each innings of the Old Trafford Test against South Africa during the ill-fated 1912 Triangular Tournament. Both feats came on the same day, and were his only wickets in the game. That particularly wet year was a good one for Matthews - he took 85 wickets at 19.37. He had only made his Test debut the previous winter, doing enough in the last three Tests against England to win selection for the tour. In all, he played more games on the 1912 tour (28) than he did in his entire first-class career in Australia. He did not resume playing after the war, even though he was still comparatively young, and for many years was curator at Williamstown.', ' \n
  • Premios: 10

Estadisticas de Jimmy Matthews

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  • Bateo Tests Mat: 1
  • Bateo Tests Inns: 153
  • Bateo Tests NO: 53
  • Bateo Tests Runs: 17.00
  • Bateo Tests Strike rate: 1
  • Bateo Tests 4s: 7
  • Bateo T20Is Ct: 67
  • Bateo T20Is St: 99
  • Bateo Primera clase Mat: 13
  • Bateo Primera clase Inns: 2149
  • Bateo Primera clase NO: 93
  • Bateo Primera clase Runs: 24.98
  • Bateo Primera clase Strike rate: 14
  • Bateo Primera clase 4s: 56
  • Bateo T20s Ct: 8
  • Bateo T20s St: 12
  • Lanzamiento Tests Mat: 1081
  • Lanzamiento Tests Inns: 419
  • Lanzamiento Tests Balls: 16
  • Lanzamiento Tests Runs: 4/29
  • Lanzamiento Tests Wkts: 6/54
  • Lanzamiento Tests BBI: 26.18
  • Lanzamiento Tests BBM: 2.32
  • Lanzamiento Tests Ave: 67.5
  • Lanzamiento Tests Econ: 1
  • Lanzamiento T20Is 5w: 67
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Mat: 7582
  • XBOWLING_First_class_InnsXX: 4507
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Balls: 177
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Runs: 7/46
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase BBI: 25.46
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase BBM: 3.56
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Ave: 42.8
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Strike rate: 8
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase 4w: 1

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