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  • ID: 14227
  • NOMBRE: Robin Hobbs
  • PAÍS: England
  • Completo: Robin Nicholas Stuart Hobbs
  • Nombre: May 8, 1942, Chippenham, Wiltshire
  • Nació: 76 years 320 days
  • Actual: England - Essex - Glamorgan - Suffolk
  • Edad: Raine's Foundation School, Stepney
  • Major: 5 ft 10 in
  • Altura: Right-hand bat
  • Apodo: Legbreak googly
  • Relación: \nA rarity in England, Robin Hobbs was a legspinner who played Test cricket, the last for 20 years until the emergence of Ian Salisbury. After debuting for Essex in 1961, he went on to play for England in 1967, and after 14 years with Essex spent four years with Suffolk before returning to first-class cricket with Glamorgan, captaining them in 1979. \n', 'He bowled flighted legbreaks and well disguised googlies from a moderate run. A fine county player, he did well to play for England, although he never established himself as a Test class spinner, able to contain but not sufficiently penetrative. A modest batsman, he astonished everyone, not least himself, by slamming one of the fastest centuries in cricket history (44 minutes) for Essex against the touring Australians in 1975. Hobbs said afterwards that he went out with the objective of having a good slog, and entertaining the crowd. ', 'A likeable and popular man, he was a fine fielder in the covers. He played for England four times in 1967, three of them against India and one against Pakistan, with modest success, and was picked to tour the West Indies the following winter, where he played just once. A year later he toured Pakistan, and was\npicked for the third Test, but did not bowl or bat as the match was abandoned\non the third day. He made one final Test appearance, against Pakistan in\n1971, but after failing to take a wicket, went back to county cricket. \n', '\n
  • En una palabra: Walter Lawrence Trophy 1975
  • Premios: 8

Estadisticas de Robin Hobbs

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  • Bateo Tests Mat: 3
  • Bateo Tests Inns: 34
  • Bateo Tests NO: 15*
  • Bateo Tests Runs: 6.80
  • Bateo Test 100: 2
  • Bateo Tests 50: 1
  • Bateo Tests 4s: 8
  • Bateo T20Is Ct: 440
  • Bateo T20Is St: 547
  • Bateo Primera clase Mat: 139
  • Bateo Primera clase Inns: 4942
  • Bateo Primera clase NO: 100
  • Bateo Primera clase Runs: 12.11
  • Bateo Primera clase BF: 2
  • Bateo Primera clase Strike rate: 2
  • Bateo Primera clase 4s: 295
  • Bateo Primera clase Ct: 145
  • Bateo Primera clase St: 99
  • Bateo List A Inns: 883
  • Bateo List A NO: 54*
  • Bateo List A Runs: 12.26
  • Bateo List A Strike rate: 1
  • Bateo List A 4s: 41
  • Bateo T20s Ct: 7
  • Bateo T20s St: 11
  • Lanzamiento Tests Mat: 1291
  • Lanzamiento Tests Inns: 481
  • Lanzamiento Tests Balls: 12
  • Lanzamiento Tests Runs: 3/25
  • Lanzamiento Tests Wkts: 5/98
  • Lanzamiento Tests BBI: 40.08
  • Lanzamiento Tests BBM: 2.23
  • Lanzamiento Tests Ave: 107.5
  • Lanzamiento T20Is 5w: 440
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Mat: 62395
  • XBOWLING_First_class_InnsXX: 29776
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Balls: 1099
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Runs: 8/63
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase BBI: 27.09
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase BBM: 2.86
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Ave: 56.7
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Strike rate: 50
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase 4w: 8
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase 5w: 145
  • Lanzamiento List A Mat: 1672
  • Lanzamiento List A Inns: 1182
  • Lanzamiento List A Balls: 51
  • Lanzamiento List A Runs: 6/22
  • Lanzamiento List A Wkts: 6/22
  • Lanzamiento List A BBI: 23.17
  • Lanzamiento List A BBM: 4.24
  • Lanzamiento List A Ave: 32.7
  • Lanzamiento List A Econ: 1
  • Lanzamiento List A Strike rate: 1

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