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  • ID: 45040
  • NOMBRE: Norman Featherstone
  • PAÍS: South Africa
  • Completo: Norman George Featherstone
  • Nombre: August 20, 1949, Que Que (now Kwekwe), Rhodesia
  • Nació: 69 years 216 days
  • Actual: Glamorgan - Middlesex - Northern Transvaal - Transvaal
  • Altura: Right-hand bat
  • Apodo: Right-arm offbreak
  • Relación: \nRhodesian-born Norman Featherstone was a right-hand middle-order batsman and a more than useful offspinner who toured England with South African Schools in 1967 and the following season began a 12-year career with Middlesex while wintering in South Africa. Although initially part of a struggling side, Middlesex emerged as a powerful force in the mid 1970s and Featherstone was a key part of that team. In 1976, when they won their first title for 27 years, he scored 995 runs and took 36 wickets, and he picked up another Championship title (shared) in 1977 as well as a Gillette Cup winners medal against Glamorgan (to go with his Gillette Cup success for Transvaal in 1973-74). \n', 'He enjoyed a £30,000 benefit in 1979 and moved to Wales in 1980, with many tipping him to take over as captain from Malcolm Nash. His two seasons there were among his best, passing 1000 runs both times (he did this on four occasions in all). But at the end of 1981-82 he retired after receiving a business offer and returned full-time to South Africa. He subsequently made a career in sports promotions. \n', '\n

Estadisticas de Norman Featherstone

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  • Bateo T20Is Ct: 329
  • Bateo T20Is St: 528
  • Bateo Primera clase Mat: 54
  • Bateo Primera clase Inns: 13922
  • Bateo Primera clase NO: 147
  • Bateo Primera clase Runs: 29.37
  • Bateo Primera clase BF: 12
  • Bateo Primera clase 4s: 277
  • Bateo Primera clase Ct: 248
  • Bateo Primera clase St: 223
  • Bateo List A Inns: 4269
  • Bateo List A NO: 82*
  • Bateo List A Runs: 20.42
  • Bateo List A Strike rate: 20
  • Bateo List A 4s: 65
  • Lanzamiento T20Is 5w: 329
  • XBOWLING_First_class_InnsXX: 4986
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Balls: 181
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Runs: 5/32
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase BBI: 27.54
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase Strike rate: 4
  • Lanzamiento Primera clase 5w: 248
  • Lanzamiento List A Mat: 2247
  • Lanzamiento List A Inns: 1789
  • Lanzamiento List A Balls: 65
  • Lanzamiento List A Runs: 4/10
  • Lanzamiento List A Wkts: 4/10
  • Lanzamiento List A BBI: 27.52
  • Lanzamiento List A BBM: 4.77
  • Lanzamiento List A Ave: 34.5
  • Lanzamiento List A Econ: 3

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